Japanese Beatles Attack and Remedies

We love our garden, but this summer we were under attack…..

The culprit for all this damage were beautiful, golden little but very hungry bugs.

Unfortunately these visitors just don’t want to leave us. So here is the remedy we been using.

Warning next steps will tell you how to get rid off these unwanted guests. Our methods were brutal. Do not continue to read if you like Japanese Beatles and think they should be preserved.

Ingredients: Soap Detergent and Warm Water

Step 1: Combine and mix soap detergent and warm water in a bowl

Step 2: Put on garden gloves and walk towards infested area. Basically your back yard or front yard, just about any plant can be affected. These bugs are not super picky.

Step 3: As soon as you see them on your plants swat them with your gloved hand into the bowl with water and soap. Make sure they are fully submerged. You must be quick as these bugs come with wings.

You will need to repeat these steps daily, hourly, as many times as needed until you caught them all. Pour the content of your bowl down the toilet when finished and flush.

Growing certain plants will help keep them at bay as well. Here are some of these that we have in our yard.