Vegas Leftover Potatoes with Bologna and Eggs

We are in Vegas with McKnights on our way to Hoover Dam and West Rim Grand Canyon. For breakfast you guys enjoyed fried leftover potatoes with bologna and Eggs. I got an A+ for this quick breakfast put together, so I am adding the recipe for you girls to refer to here. We had lots of fun on this trip shopping, NY Hotel roller coaster and seating up close at La Reve show at the Wynn.

1. Leftover Potatoes (for this meal we had baked baby potatoes in oven a few nights before with salt, pepper and a few pieces of butter over the potatoes)

2.Bologna – picked up at the deli

3. About 6 eggs

Preperations: Cut up potatoes into cubes. Cut up bologna into squares. Beat the eggs with fork.

Cooking Potatoes: Fry a little Olive oil in pan. Add potatoes and bologna. Keep flipping so that the potatoes don’t stick to the bottom but cook evenly and get a bit crispy.

Scrambled Eggs: For this version I cooked the eggs separately, but you can just pour over the potatoes and bologna and cook together. If making separately, pour the eggs onto the pan. Using your spatula, swirls the eggs scraping the bottom of the pan. As they solidify, use the edge of the spatula to chop into pieces. Continue to do this until all of the liquid becomes solid. Don’t over cook them, as you don’t want to dry them out.

That is it. Here are some photo for you to remember the fun times we had.