Homemade Butter

Tools Food Processor, Bowl, Wire Strainer, Spatula, Container to   store the butter in
Ingredients Heavy Cream –  You   can keep making more or less butter as you need 1 cup Ice Water – you might not need the whole amount
Recipe Step 1: Pour cream into food processor and turn it   on. Note: Mine is small kind, where I have to hold the   button down for it to spin.  Any food   processor can be used. You can even use an electric or manual beater, just   keep moving your hand in circular motion Step 2:After some time (about 10 minutes give or   take) you will see the liquid will begin to solidify and separate into   liquids and solids. Pause and add some ice water. Continue to mix for a bit   longer Step 3: Place the wire strainer over the bowl, pour   the content of the food processor onto the strainer. This will separate the liquid   and solid. Note: The liquid in the bowl is whey, it could be used as substitute   for water in many recipes such as breads, cooking pasta or soups. The solids   left in the strainer is butter

Step 4: Lightly press the solid with spatula to further   drain of any liquids. Transfer the butter into the prepared container. With a   spatula press butter against the walls of the container and keep on pouring   any liquid into the bowl with whey.  Note:   You can also do this on a plate. Once all the liquids has been squeezed out   you can shape the butter into a stick or bowl and wrap it vs. placing it in a   container


Serving Suggestions                                                      You can use this butter to spread on breads or to cook   with. It tastes great. You can also add herbs and salt while in a soft form   then freeze it and later use as a topping over stake.