Whey Bread

Oven Temperature 425 F
Cook Time 30 minutes
Tools Conventional Oven, Baking Stone, Pizza Peel, Baking Sheet   to hold hot water in the oven, Spatula, Whisk, Large Bowl, Pastry Brush Note: If you don’t have Backing Stone and   Pizza Peel you can make this bread in baking sheet maybe layered with parchment   paper. Or you can use cast iron skillet. Your shape might be different to fit   the dish you are using
Ingredients For the Dough:2 cups of whey – warmed up4 tsp of yeast2 tbsp of honey

2 tbsp of butter

2 teaspoons of salt

5 1/2 cups of flour

1 cup Hot Water – might not need it, use if dough is too dry


Black Sesame Seeds

Roasted Sesame Seeds

1 Egg beaten


Before you begin                                         You can easily make whey by making butter prior to baking your bread.

Butter is made out of cream, which separates into liquids and solids. The liquid part is the healthy tasty whey.

Whey maybe used instead of water in many recipes such as breads or soups. So if you don’t have whey you can still make the below recipe using water. You can also try other bread recipes and just use whey instead of water.

Recipe Step 1:Warm up the whey in a separate bowl

Step 2: Drop the butter into the warm whey spread around until melts. Note: you could melt the butter separately   but this is a nice way to save on extra dishes.

Step 3: In a   large bowl Add yeast, salt and honey and whey liquid. Mix it all together with a whisk

Step 4: Add flour to the liquid mixture and mix with a spatula Note: I use the same spatula that I used to   scoop rice out it is plastic with a large round head, seems to work the best against very sticky dough.

Step 5: Mix then knead the dough for about 10   minutes. Note: If the dough is too dry and not sticking   together add some warm water, a little at the time. The dough shouldn’t be   too wet. The more you knead it should get more smooth and less sticky. If too   wet add more flour. Knead the dough by stretching it over itself forming a circular   shape

Step 6: Stretch the door and secure tightly at the   bottom so it looks like a ball. Return back to its bowl cover and leave to   rise for about 1 hr. 30 min. Note: Take this time to pick up   the kitchen or to make other foods for your meal. Yes it is also long enough   for you to watch a movie, go shopping or check in on your social networks.

Step 7: Your bread has risen and is very eager to   get out of the bowl. Get your pizza peel and sprinkle it with flour. Separate   your dough into two loves and place it on the floured pizza peel for another   rise. Note: You can make any shape you want round or beget,   just keep in mind to keep stretching and pulling the dough over itself sealing   at the bottom.

Step 8: Heat the oven to 425 F. Place   the cooking stone on the top rack and the empty backing sheet on the bottom.

Step 9: Once your oven has been pre-heated your   loves too have had another rising. In a separate bowl beat an egg. Note: You could mix water to dilute a bit, I don’t because once I am done with the   egg I microwave the remaining egg it makes a mini egg omelet.

Step 10: With   a sharp knife (bread knife will work) Make cuts at the top of the dough, for beget   just make slanted cuts down the length of the loaf.

Step 11:  With   the pastry brush coat the loaves with the egg than sprinkle with sesame seeds.   Note: You don’t have to sprinkle it with anything if you don’t   want to; I this it looks better decorated. You can use other toppings, like poppy   seeds.

Step 12: Let the bread slide off the pizza peel   onto the hot stone. Pour hot water into the prepared baking sheet to create   steam and close the oven dough right away.

Step 13: Take the bread out of the over after about   30 minutes of baking. It should be crusty and golden in color. Let it cool on   a wire rack and serve.

Note: This bread is not like store bought   bread and should be eaten as soon as possible.


Serving Suggestions Great with a bowl of soup, homemade butter and tea, or favorite jams.