Apple Pie

Oven Temperature 375 F
Cook Time 45 minutes
Tools Conventional Oven, Pie Dish, Roller, Bowls, Peeler, Apple Corer, Pastry Cutter, Wisk
Ingredients For the Dough:

½ cup of butter (1 stick)

2 tbsp  of sugar

2 cups of flour

Ice Water


Apple Filling:

4 Large apples, the trick is to get different kind of apples and mix them together

½ cup flour

½ cup brown sugar

2 tbsp cinnamon

2 tsp nutmeg

1 lemon


1 Egg beaten


Recipe For the Dough:

Step 1: Add 2 cups of flour and 2 tbsp of sugar to a bowl. Mix together with a whisk


Step 2: Cut up butter into smaller chunks add to the bowl


Step 3: With Pastry Cutter press the butter into the dry mixture, until the content looks like cookie crumbs


Step 4: Mix ice and cold water. Pour about ¼ cup into the mixture.


Step 5: With your hand begin mixing everything together until dough begins to stick together. Work quickly so the butter doesn’t melt too much.


Step 6: Form the dough into a ball. Cut in half. Flatten each half to look like circle and wrap in saran wrap. Put into the fridge to cool for about 15 minutes.  Tip: you might need to add more water if the dough still resembles cooking crumbs or is not sticking together. If you added too much water just add more flour to get the right consistency.


Step 7: Take out one of the prepared dough circles out of the fridge. Roll out the dough and place it into pie dish. Tip: You may either use counter space or a wooden board. Dust your work area and roller with flour and begin rolling the dough. Rotate the dough clockwise to maintain its circular form.


Step 8: Press the dough against the edges of the pie dish, cover with saran wrap and place back into refrigerator.


Step 9: Preheat oven to 375 F


Pie Filling:

Step 1: Use the peeler to peel off the apple skin


Step 2: Use Apple Corer to remove the apple’s core, make sure to not leave any pits


Step 3: Cut each apple half on the long side. Then dice each half so each piece looks like a disk. Place the cut apple into a bowl Tip: you can wash your balls, measuring cups and knife while the dough is in a fridge. This will allow you to reuse your tools and lessen the mess in the kitchen. Remember I won’t be there to pick up for you J


Step 4:  In a separate smaller bowl add together ½ cup of flour, ½ cup of brown sugar, 2 tbsp cinnamon, 2 tsp nutmeg. Mix it together with the whisk


Step 5: Squeeze the lemon juice into the mixture. Don’t worry if it doesn’t mix well together

Step 6: Add the mixture into the bowl with the apples. With your hands rub the mixture unto the apples, until evenly coated


Putting it all Together:

Step 1: From the refrigerator take out the other piece of dough and roll it out similar to the way you rolled out the first piece


Step 2: From the refrigerator take out the pie dish preset with dough you prepared earlier


Step 3: Pour the apple filling into the pie dish


Step 4: Cut up small chunks of butter and place them on top of the apple filling


Step 5: Cover the pie dish with filling with the rolled out pie dough


Step 6: Press down the top dough to make it stick with the bottom dough piece. Tip: You might need to cut the excess pieces from the top slice.  Using scissors makes it much easier


Step 7: Lift the bottom portion of the dough hanging over the dish and wrap it around the top portion along the pie dish edge. Tip: You want to seal your pie to make it like a pocket so the filling doesn’t pour out. At this point you can either just press the crust down with your fingers, or fork, or come up with some other design as long as it is not too thick and well ceiled.


Step 8: In a separate bowl beat an egg.


Step 9: Dip a pastry brush into the mixed egg and coat your pie through out.


Step 10: Make the following incisions at the top of your pie:

  • Very small criss-cross cut at the very top.
  • A long cut along each side of the pie as if you were dividing it into 4 parts but don’t let the cuts intercept.
  • Then make smaller cuts in between each of the 4 cuts you made earlier.


Step 11: Sprinkle some sugar over the pie.


Step 12: Place the pie dish into the oven to bake. Tip: To avoid clean up you can line a baking sheet with foil and place the pie dish onto a baking sheet, this way if the pie filling spills out the clean up will be a lot less messy.


Serving Suggestions I love apple pie in the Fall the best. I used to buy apples for you to take to school with you and then use the left over apples at the end of the week to make pie. It made the house smell warm and inviting. Have it warm topped with ice cream or whipping cream. Apple pie is also the best when shared with family, so visit one another often.