Cooking Books Storage

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Even before you girls were born, one of mine and Dad’s favorite thing to do was to cook together. Well let me correct that, Dad did all the cooking and the cutting, and the cleaning, but I was his biggest fan 🙂 Still, he refers to that time as us cooking together so I will as well.

Over the years we collected many cookbooks. They served us

as great guides to our cooking adventures. Some I hope will survive our page turning and can be passed on to you.

I am sure you would want to add to these as well with time. I am pretty sure eventually you will want something more than Chinese Food deliveries or late Dunkin Donuts snacks.

Here are some ways that we store our books.

Wire Basket on Top of Counter

Yes even after 20+ years we are still referring to some of our favorite recipes. Often finding new ones, regardless how old our books are.

I put our favorite and still heavily in use books in a wire basket right on our kitchen counter, underneath our back cabinets.

These are definitely our regular go to stack

On Top of Cabinets propelled by Paperweight

Another set of books we moved to the top of the cabinet, propelled by a heavy bookend. Ours looks like a large red apple, appropriate to our kitchen decor.

These are books that we reach for once in awhile. Many of the recipes we have prepared so often that we can skip referring to the book. Still, when needed, it is a fun balance act to hop from a chair to the counter top and reach for the top. So far no casualties.

Keep Magazines

Over the years some of our best recipes came out of magazines. You have some options to how to best retain these treasures. Here are some ideas:

  • Cut out and place the pages into other existing cook books
  • Create your own binders
  • Keep your magazines in-tack, stacking them on top of your counters. You can always put a plant or a Nice plate on top.

With these tips, you will always have space to add more cookbooks to your libraries.

My latest addition was earlier last month.

On our trip to Kennebunkport, Maine, we picked up The Bushes Family Cookbook by Ariel De Guzman. It was a nice treat for this book to be signed by recently passed Barbara Bush.

For Julia’s graduation party, I made empanadas using the recipe for the dough from this book.

It was lots of fun having your Aunt Tracy and I working together in shaping these. They were a total hit.

Items for sale similar to those mentioned in the post

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