Pop-Corn Pop

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Summer is a great time to discover some new foods. Yesterday we visited one of the local farms and found pop-corn on the cob.


Here are the steps to have your pop-corn ready in under 3 minutes

Tools: Microwave, Brown Paper Bag

Ingredients: Pop-Corn Cob


Step 1: Make sure your microwave is clean. The fluffy pops just don’t want to stay within the bag.

Step 2: Put your cob into a brown paper bag and microwave on high for 3 minutes.

Step 3: Listen for the popping sound. You only want to keep your microwave on while you hear pops. They should sounds similar to our video. Don’t worry your microwave is not going to explode.

As the pops subside remove pop corn from the microwave, this might be prior to your pre-set timer of 3 minutes. Just like that your microwave will be filled with very light and fluffy popcorn.


If you find kernels still left on your cob, just put the cob back into microwave and repeat the process. Don’t forget to listen to the popping sounds, you don’t want your corn to burn.


Items for sale similar to those mentioned in the post

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