Hand Knitted Christmas Blanket

With the cold days upon us, it has been nice having the whole family gathered in the living room by the fireplace. While the children watch TV and my husband concentrates on some projects on his laptop, I’ve been learning how to knit and crochet. After some errors and plenty of re-works I had managed to make our Christmas stockings, a chunky scarf, a pair of socks, fingerless gloves and this Christmas blanket. The blanket was done by hand knitting, which is super fun and the whole project took about an hour to complete.

So here goes the recipe:
Ingredients: You’ll need some chunky red yarn and white yarn. For my blanket I used about 6 balls of yarn.
Step 1: Using your hands cast on about 18 stitches (for hand knitting tutorials check out some YouTube videos here is the one I used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMYRrOG27C0
Step 2: Complete your next row, and take the stitches off your hand and place it on the floor or a table. Continue to knit your blanket in the same way as displayed in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yr7lHOrQ4S8
Step 3: Every four rows alternate the color from red to white. You can connect your yarn by tying the two end strings together.
Step 4: Once you get to the last row bind off   and cut off any loose yarn or tuck it in


Enjoy your blanket and  stay warm and cozy this winter  .