Rose Cardamom Tea

With fall quickly approaching us, it is sad to watch many of the summer blooms begin to wilt away. However, it is also a gteat opportunity to collect and dry the petals of these beautiful flowers, such as those of our roses guilt free. Dried rose petals have many uses to them. Being a heavy tea drinker, even during the hot months, for me they will serve as a great tea enhancer.

Carefully clip the heads off your roses. You might need to rinse them off to remove any dirt particles. Lay the flower heads to dry on paper towel for a day or two.


Once the flowers are dry, remove the petals and place them into a clean container. Your tea contauner should be large enough to hold your other ingredients and have a lid so it will keep your tea fresh for a few months.

Add and mix loose black tea leaves of your choise with to the dry petals. I used cyleone tea in my recepie.

If you have fresh cardamon, extract the seeds. You can add a few directly to you cup or place into your tea holding container.


When you are ready brew your tea as you regularly would. I prefer to put about two tea spoons into a small tea pot covered with boiled water, leaving  it to sip for about 2 to 3 minutes.

If the tea gets too bitter, use a little as base and add hot water to your cup.

Enjoy your summer’s suveniars, stay warm and cozy.