Roasted at Vital Tea-leaf San Francisco

“Sit down …or I will beat you up!”

Barely a foot in the door, the loud voice of Uncle Gee, owner of Vital Tea-leaf Shop, commanded us to take a seat among other patrons at his tea bar.

For the next hour it wasn’t just the tea that was being roasted. Through his humor and at times very brutal dialog, Uncle Gee covered the importance of family, self respect, education and the amazing benefits tea has on our everyday health. At one point he threaten Sophia that he will come over and eat her dog if she takes another sip of coffee

We walked away with the following must follow recepies for life, if we don’t want to have a date with his two adorable pitbulls:

1. Family is always number one.

2. Education. Absolutely no dating should be allowed, until the girls complete their higher learning.

3. Respect to your self and others.

4. Mom and Dad are the most important people in your life – seriously he said that, I am not just trying to sneak this one in.

5. Always rinse off your first brewing to cleanse the tea leaves. This is important, as while the leaves are laid out to dry animals can get to them and ….yack. This also helps reduce caffeine.

6. Coffee is super bad for you. Uncle Gee is 88 years old and has the skin of baby butt. We know this for sure as he made Sophia touch his cheeks and confirm.

He also gave Julia a talking for having a boyfriend and a GPA of 3.7…must be 3.8 to own an iphone if she had a Tiger Mom. Guess I am not :).

Uncle Gee, believes that you can do anything. If you no longer can’t, it is because you got lazy.

Girls with Uncle Gee