Vermont Farms

Last weekend we visited some local farms in Vermont. It was very sad to see how much damage Hurricane Irene had done. We saw many broken homes and bridges. Through all this devastation the people of Vermont remained friendly and cheerful as always. Working together to rebuild their towns, they were eager to help each other, and to share their wonderful produce with us. We visited a farmer’s market where we tasted wonderful pumpkin soup with homemade breads, soft cheeses, pork roast and still-warm oatmeal cookies. We stopped by other farms as we drove by that offered more variety of cheese like Havarti, camembert and goat cheese, fresh milk and cream. Loading up with these great products we finished up our day with a visit to Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream factory.


If you are able, head over to Vermont. I find their farms to be one of the best ones to visit and to get your basic produce. I also really enjoyed finding local products being offered not just in farms that produce them but also in the local supermarkets. The community living and supporting one another is truly heartwarming. I hope that the towns can rebuild soon and continue to provide us with their great charm and tasty produce.