Summer Meals

It is summer. I love going to local markets and see the goodies they offer. Not only do I find the farm products fresher than those of the supermarkets, but also healthier and cheaper. The farm’s greenery and hilly scenery further add to my imagination of meals we can make.

Few days ago we picked Hungarian peppers. You guys really enjoyed going up and down the alley and pulling them off the vines. Within moment we had a box full. We been eating peppers with every meal for a week now :). You enjoy it fresh, but I had also baked some with grated cheese.

We also found large green chard leaves, tomatoes, eggplant, green onions and potatoes. I’ve used many of these in a meal with chicken, rice and fish.

We picked up peaches and blueberries too. On a sunny morning for breakfast we had blueberry muffins with tea…ah summer.